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The Zutons formed in Liverpool in 2001, taking their name from The Magic Band guitarist Bill Harkleroad, better known as Zoot Horn (or "Zuton") Rollo. Dave McCabe had previously been in Tramp Attack, and Russ and Sean were in The Big Kids (with Howie Payne of The Stands). Originally a four-piece, Sean's girlfriend Abi Harding began joining The Zutons on stage for a couple of songs mid-set, playing simple saxophone lines. She was very popular with the crowd. The other band members liked the way her saxophone enhanced their sound. Abi became a full member, contributing vocals and sax.

At first, the band had to battle comparisons to The Coral. Both bands were Merseyside bands prominent members of the Liverpool music scene, on the same record label, and they shared the same producer, Ian Broudie. The band's music has proved difficult to categorize, being described as "psychedelic cartoon punk" [1]. McCabe, who is also the lead songwriter, includes amongst his influences Talking Heads, Devo, Sly & the Family Stone, Dexys Midnight Runners and Madness.

The first record the band put out was the 3-track CD Devil's Deal, released in September 2002. The following spring they released Creepin' And A Crawlin', and then the download-only single Haunts Me in November 2003. The band's "Z" logo was changed early in 2004 to avoid confusion with the Zenith logo.

The Zutons' debut album, Who Killed...... The Zutons? was released in April 2004, and initially reached #13 in the UK album chart. However, after nearly a year later, it managed to move up to #9 in early 2005. The LP had a specially printed 3-D cover and came with Zutons 3-D viewing glasses, which many fans then wore to their concerts. Early copies of the album also included a bonus 4-track CD of alternative versions of their songs. The album was critically acclaimed and was a nominee for the 2004 Mercury Music Prize. The band themselves were nominated for the British Breakthrough Act award at the 2005 BRIT Awards. The album was later re-issued following the single "Don't Ever Think (Too Much)", with that song being added as track 13. The track "Confusion" was used in a Peugeot 307 car advert in the UK during 2004-2005. In the United States, the song "Pressure Point" was featured in a commercial for Levi's.

The new album Tired of Hanging Around was released on April 17, 2006 and reached #2 in the UK album charts. The first single from the album "Why Won't You Give Me Your Love" and the second single "Valerie" both peaked at 9 in the charts, a fair achievement considering their highest place previously had been with the single "Don't Ever Think (Too Much)" at 15. The band toured the UK in May 2006 following the release of this album. They played at the Jersey Live Festival on September 2, 2006 before their second UK tour which began in November 2006. In October 2006, they performed at the The Secret Policeman's Ball. On New Year's Eve 2006, the Zutons appeared on Jools Holland's annual Hootenanny on BBC television on which they performed their songs "Valerie", "Why Don't You Give Me Your Love?" and "It's The Little Things We Do."

As the November tour began, the band gave an interview to STV discussing songwriting, making videos and their American dates with The Killers. In a separate interview, Payne complained about the tendency of music writers and magazines to generalise a particular city as the breeding ground of new 'movements', "A lot of bands get lumped in when they’re in the same neck of the woods and journalists–especially in England–like to make a big deal out of that and make it into a scene, as if the individual bands aren’t good enough to write about."[1]

The Zutons recorded a live session for Live from Abbey Road on 25th August 2006. Three songs from their second album were aired: "Hello Conscience", "I Know I'll Never Leave" and "Valerie" (with the ending of "Railroad" from "Who Killed...... The Zutons?" attached to the end). Their performance was shown on Channel 4 in the UK and the Sundance Channel in the USA on an episode shared with Shawn Colvin, Nerina Pallot and Ray LaMontagne.

On 17 May 2008 The Zutons appeared on Soccer AM as guest stars. They played their new single at the end to celebrate the last show of the season.

The band announced on July 13, 2007 that guitarist Boyan Chowdhury has left The Zutons, citing "musical differences".[2]

After Chowdhury left the band, bassist Russell Pritchard claimed: "It was like splitting up with someone. It set us back in a way and moved us forward too. I had a little bit of a cry about it. I'm not ashamed to admit. It was hard confronting him about it". The band claim that Chowdhury's departure was a mutual decision. In late 2007, The Zutons asked multi-instrumentalist Paul Molloy, formerly of The Skylarks, to join the band. He has played with the band on such occasions as the Isle of Wight Festival and Radio 1's Big Weekend 2008.

The band released their third studio album titled You Can Do Anything on June 2, 2008. It was the band's first album to feature Paul Molloy on lead guitar. The first single was "Always Right Behind You" which was released on May 26, 2008. The album was recorded earlier in the year in Los Angeles, California

Summer 2008 sees The Zutons in their first UK tour in 2 years. They are scheduled to play seven gigs in forest settings as part of The Forestry Commission's Forest Tour.[3]

Saturday July 26th 2008 will see The Zutons playing in Japan's Fuji Rock Festival for a third time.